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09:57am 13/11/2005

I have disowned Hanabi. She does not care about her father!! u_u

Now I have no daughters left.

NEJI! FOOL! REPORT TO ME, IMMEDIATELY!! *jumpropes impatiently*
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11:31am 18/09/2005
mood: chipper
Raido is my favorite husband. *o*
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05:14pm 15/09/2005
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08:26pm 11/09/2005
  I will marry Kagari. u_u

And TENTEN MUST BE FOUND!!!!! *twitch*
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06:41pm 22/08/2005
mood: calm
I have arranged the marraiges. Of course I will be married to you all but you will also be married to eachother and we will all be family. u_______u

Hyuuga Tsunade+Dan

Hyuuga Raido+Hatake Kakashi

Hyuuga Neji+Maito Gai

Sabaku no Gaara+Uchiha Sasuke

Uzumaki Naruto+Haruno Sakura

Hyuuga Hinata+Yamanaka Ino

Sabaku no Temari+Akimichi Chouji

Nara Shikamaru+Inuzuka Kiba

Yuuhi Kurenai+Sarutobi Asuma

Sabaku no Kankuro+Rock Lee

Hyuuga Tenten+Jiraiya

Orochimaru+Mitarashi Anko

Yakushi Kabuto+Shizune


oh and Mizuki+Iruka

That is all for now. u____u ssshh... this is quite the deal.
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08:45pm 10/08/2005
mood: cheerful
I have decided.......................................

I will arrange all the marraiges in Konoha.
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06:34pm 01/08/2005
mood: me
I married Tenten and Raido...

They are now Hyuugas. ~_~;

Gai said a brilliant thing... I am so above you all I am in the solar system. He is much like Galileo I am sure...

Kakashi.. ♥_♥

That boy Kankuro is a fool and I shall make him my stay at home wife. He shall not be able to see anyone... now if only I could find him.....

The Neji must report to me immediatly.

Same with Hinata.

Flawless Hanabi is so precious. *_*
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12:33pm 01/08/2005
  She is quite amazing. She is Hyuuga Tsunade.

She has become a Hyuuga.

Her eyes are even like ours now. I Hyuugatized her in the River of Joshua.

We are married.

I am more magically delicious than Lucky Charms.
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11:03am 01/08/2005
mood: bitchy
Hello to all.

Isn't it strange that I'm not on a mountain?

I believe it is.. For you see... I am above you all. So it seems I am on a mountain. But... I am not.

You cannot speak the Hyuuga secret language. Nor can you remember the handshake. You are a fool.

Now I shall go jump the holy Hyuuga rope with my friends. You cannot jump rope like I can.

*chants "Short stack! Short stack! Eat it up! Put some syrup in the cup!" while skipping away*
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